Frédéric Beauchemin stands next to Carlos Leitao in front of a banner of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

Liberal MP Frédéric Beauchemin (left) will have the support of former Finance Minister Carlos Leitao (right) if he decides to take part in the Liberal leadership race.

Photo: X / Frédéric Beauchemin

Former Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao is taking a position in the race for leadership of the Quebec Liberal Party even before a single candidate has officially declared themselves. He will support MP Frédéric Beauchemin if he decides to take the plunge.

Mr. Leitao made the announcement during an MP fundraising event last Thursday.

Reached by telephone at the end of the week, the former Liberal minister explained that he had discussed at length with Frédéric Beauchemin and that the two shared the same values, particularly on budgetary rigor, economic prospects and the importance of healthy public finances. order to finance the missions of the State.

Like me, he is a banker who decided to make a move into active politics, and he is there for the right reasons.

A quote from Carlos Leitao, former Minister of Finance of Quebec

Nice path heats about the idea of ​​getting started

According to our information, MP Beauchemin is still seriously considering entering the race.

His ambitions were slowed down a few months ago by allegations of psychological harassment. The complaints were dropped after a mediation process.

He heats to the idea of ​​being a candidate, we were told.

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The fact remains that it is not yet. Carlos Leitao’s early support may therefore come as a surprise. The ex-minister says he wants send a clear signal that the race is on.

Even if other candidates with an economic profile fuel the rumors – such as those of Charles Milliard, of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, or Karl Blackburn, of the Employers’ Council –, Mr. Leitao pleads that he knows them less than Frédéric Nice path.

Denis Coderre: 125 spaghetti dinners

In the meantime, former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre continues his thoughts even if he acts as if he was already in the leadership race.

As proof, he recently announced that starting in September, he intended to organize 125 spaghetti dinners in the 125 ridings of Quebec.

Mr. Coderre also affirmed that former Liberal minister Yvon Picotte had given him his support. His decision is expected to be announced in June.

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