Confronted with Javier Milei and in tune with the governors beyond party identities. Axel Kicillof reinforced this position during his visit to Chubut, where he shared an event with Ignacio Torres, from the PRO, to sign a health collaboration agreement and deliver 15 ambulances on loan. He had done something similar with the Santa Fe radical Maximiliano Pullaro, in a saga to show a attitude opposite to that of the President and with the purpose of a “cross-cutting construction” long-term.

Upon his arrival in Rawson, before the activity with Torres, Kicillof stopped by the provincial PJ headquarters. “We have two challenges: that the DNU and the Bases Law fall”assured the Buenos Aires governor in that area, the day after the meeting of the National Council in which the date of election of authorities and a mobilization to reject the project being discussed in the Senate was confirmed.

“We decided to issue a statement with this political line. I am second vice president and I come to tell you that we must move the country forward and in the face of governments like this one, that is done with Peronism.”, Kicillof harangued, with movements to project his incipient political army. This Saturday he will lead a day in Florencio Varela, with mayors, legislators, union members and leaders of social organizations, against the background of the discussion that emerged between leaders of that sector and La Cámpora.

After a while, Kicillof signed a mutual assistance agreement in health matters with Torres in Rawson to deliver the 15 ambulances, and from another place he also marked differences with Milei. ““Federalism is not only the link with a national State that today is not fulfilling its obligations, it is also working together among all the provinces that make up our country.”he pointed out.

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“If Chubut can use resources that the province of Buenos Aires is able to provide, then It doesn’t matter what political parties we belong to., but how we guarantee the health and rights of all Argentines,” Kicillof continued with a speech that was far from confrontational. He had already done it in March with Pullaro. In that case there was a transfer of patrol cars, an announcement of coordination to confront drug trafficking and a joint press conference.

“Regardless of political colors, it is the provinces that take charge and provide answers to the 45 million Argentines. It is essential that we work together, back to backputting the interests of the people ahead above any partisan difference,” Torres returned this Wednesday.

The governor of Chubut had confronted Milei at the beginning of his administration and then gathered his Patagonian counterparts to agree on a common regional position. “It is another example that he speaks and calls everyone together”They said near Torres about the agreement with Kicillof. Also with the idea of ​​enhancing the weight of provincial leaders, with Gerardo Zamora and Pullaro he promotes a “productive and federal agenda” in parallel or to be included in the May Pact.

These three governors – one from the PRO, another radical and another Peronist but “cordobecist”, outside the structure of the PJ and with a distance from Kirchnerism – supported the Bases Law project and the call for the May Pact, unlike Kicillof.

In any case, the Buenos Aires president will continue looking for those “meeting points” with his eyes on a “long-term transversal construction”as he projects, and given his perspective that Milei’s management will lead to a crisis of a magnitude that will configure a scenario in which it will be necessary to coordinate between various political sectors.

“Axel is making a presence, he occupies the place of confrontation in which Milei put him and is advancing a broader agenda to build the leadership of Peronism moving forward,” the strategy was outlined, in the words of a Buenos Aires minister.

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