“Dirty laundry is washed in the family”, Caroline Margeridon reveals the underside of the tense finale of “Dancing with the Stars”

The big winner is her. This Friday, April 26, Natasha St-Pier won the thirteenth season of Dance with the stars, alongside his partner Anthony Colette. The epilogue more than two months of adventure which were not really easy for the singer.

Shortly after the start of the competition, the revelations surrounding his resounding clash with Inès Reg made the effect of a bomb. The choreographies and performances were literally overshadowed by the quarrels between the two candidates.

Inès Reg’s memorable speech

During the final on April 26, Inès Reg was the first eliminated. In his speech, the comedian wanted to set the record straight : “It was a crazy adventure, and last thing: I think it’s official and I have to say it, I loved this adventure immensely and I also suffered a lot. They made me what they called a TF1 product and they said that ‘yes don’t worry, that’s for sure, she won’. I am officially not a TF1 product. And guys, I didn’t cheat, I lost my head.”

The keenest observers noticed that the production of the show had achieved a furtive cut during Inès Reg’s acceptance speech. The reason is simple.

For the chain, it was a matter of concealing a tense exchange between the latter and Caroline Margeridonaccording to our colleagues at Parisianin the April 27 edition: “The buyer of the show Deal done on France 2, candidate for Dance with the stars released on March 8, would have come to Inès Reg after her elimination. The comedian would then have pushed her away and it is this interaction, visible on the screen, which would have been crudely erased during editing.

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Caroline Margeridon: “There have been enough controversies this season”

In the columns of ParisianCaroline Margeridon returned on his “clash” with Inès Reg : “I won’t talk to you about this cup because there have been enough controversies this season. Dirty laundry is washed in the family.”

For the one who had publicly displayed her support for Anthony Colette on social networks, the production above all preferred to prevent rather than cure : “I only spoke to Christophe (Licata, Inès Reg’s dancer, editor’s note), to congratulate him. They must have been shocked (scared) in management.” Atmosphere…

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