Loana in danger?  After the rescue, justice opens an investigation for “kidnapping and assault”

In recent days, Loana has once again hit the headlines. First of all, his friend Jéremy Bellet sounds the alarm on social networks. Then, Eryl Prayer announces that emergency services are present at the bedside of the winner of “Loft Story”. For his part, Cyril Hanouna asks his team to obtain information on this new affair. We will explain everything to you in every detail.

SOS Loana in distress!

2024 is off to a bad start for Loana! Last March, a terrible attack caused by a neighbor plunged her into deep distress. Coming to testify on the set of “TPMP”, she confided to the columnists his trauma, both psychological and physical.

After a quick move to the Nice region, Loana tries to put things together pieces of his broken soul. Unfortunately, this wanted notice launched by his accomplice Jérémy does not suggest a positive outcome. “ Has anyone had a message or recent news from her? For a week we have had no news

For her part, Eryl Prayer evokes the muscular intervention of the firefighters. After calling the Elvis lookalike, the experts noted that the “ apartment door is closed“. So, they are going to use a window to be able to help Loana. Not hurt » but in good condition of chocshe gives a strange speech to the nursing staff.

From then on, questions raced through the heads of the police officers. Furthermore, in this story, there are still too many mysteries ” to pierce. Decipher the words “ incoherents” by Loana is “very complicated”. As Fabien Lecoeuvre reveals, no one “ can’t follow her“. This is precisely what Gilles Verdez wants to emphasize. Currently there are a ” disconnection » between the first observations made on site and the chilling confessions of the victim.

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Finally, Bernard Montiel specifies that Eryl Prayer is worried about mental health by Loana. Also, her best friend hopes that she will agree to stay in the hospital. Is it that the Nice prosecutor’s office will you manage to get to the bottom of this story? Continued in the next episode!

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