We bring you the list of the best gifts you can give LiuHuo in Tower of Fantasy, to raise his promotion as quickly as possible.

If you have visited others Tower of Fantasy character gift items, you already know that we focus on the gifts that score the most for the characters. As a general rule, those that give the most points are the purple gifts. However, with characters from regions other than Aesperia, such as Vera or Dominion 9, they score more lower-class items, such as blue ones, instead of other purple ones.

Next we will see which gifts are the best for LiuHuo if we want to quickly climb his promotion in Tower of Fantasy.

Best gifts for LiuHuo


  • Baguenaudier
  • Agarwood Fan

best gifts Tower of Fantasy LiuHuobest gifts Tower of Fantasy LiuHuo

best gifts Tower of Fantasy LiuHuobest gifts Tower of Fantasy LiuHuo


  • Panda doll
  • Legend of the Sword Deity
  • Heavenly Palm


  • Inkwell

best gifts tower LiuHuobest gifts tower LiuHuo

With this we finish this article about the best gifts for LiuHuo in Tower of Fantasy. There are other gifts but they will score less, such as the Small Wooden Sword which scores +30. The rest will have lower values.

Remember that if you don’t know where to get gifts for your character, you can visit the article dedicated to where to get gifts for your characters in Tower of Fantasy.

For everything else you have our Tower of Fantasy Special where you can find other gift guides for other characters.

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