Have you just arrived at Hogsmeade, you are in front of Ollivander, but you are not sure which wand to choose because you do not know if it affects your choice or not during your adventure in Hogwarts Legacy?

Well you can calm down, that really The fact that you make your wand one way or another does not affect your adventure in any way. as a wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. Beyond the esthetic, whether you choose one type of wood or another, whether you decide to use a phoenix tail core or another material, has no real impact on the development of the story.

Your attacks will not be better or stronger, although when choosing the core the descriptions may make us think that they will have some effect, the truth is that they will not.

You will not be able to change your wand once you have chosen it.

Just as it happened when choosing which house to start in Hogwarts Legacy, something similar happens with the wand. You can change its characteristics as many times as you want while you decide, but As soon as you tell Ollivander what you want, you won’t be able to change her. unless you start a new game with another character.

You can customize the wand slightly

What you can change, to give it a little more personal touch depending on the moment, are the wand handles. A Hogwarts Legacy collectible that will allow you to add a little variety to your magical tool.

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To change the handle we can do it directly from the equipment menu.

With this we finish this small explanatory article where we talk about how the choice of your magic wand affects Hogwarts Legacy, which amounts to nothing, beyond aesthetics. We hope we have answered your question and that you freely choose what you like the most.

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