David Hallyday, traumatized by his divorce from Estelle, this detail which put him "completely down"

We no longer present David Hallyday. Indeed, for several decades, he has proven to the whole of France that he is only a “son of”. Despite the reputation and immense career of these two sacred monsters of parents, he manages to find his place in the sun. However, his love life is anything but a long, quiet river. For the first time he talks about the impact of her divorce with the beautiful Estelle on his morale.

The double punishment of David Hallyday

Currently, David Hallyday continues the interviews. First of all, the publication of his autobiography “Best Album” hit the headlines. Then, the release of an album of covers of his father tickled the curiosity of admirers of the Idol of young people.

David Hallyday is a perfectionist through and through. The presence of sound Cadet Cameron in the clip “Blood for blood” is not a coincidence. On the one hand, the physical resemblance of the latter to his late grandfather melts the hearts of fans. On the other hand, this beautiful complicity moves music lovers.

At the head of a reconstituted tribe, David Hallyday also a moving thought for daughters Ilona and Emma. Fruit of his love with Estelle, David Hallyday says he is “proud” and “admiring” of the progress he has made both on the catwalks and on film sets.

However, by reading a few pages of his autobiography, we discover that behind the scenes is very different. When Estelle tells him of the separation, a thrill the journey.I felt like I was divorcing my own children. It was terrible. My daughters mean everything to me. »

Unable to imagine himself without his three funny ladies with him in the United States, David Hallyday evokes aa deep tear“. The height of horror, he has difficulty accepting “the idea that another man could one day share their life”. With his notes or his words, he describes his soul’s ailments. That(him) tortured his heart and (him)) completely knocked down. »

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Having grown up in the shadow of his father, David Hallyday “ denied » as a block of having « the role of the absent father. This is why, against all odds, he packs up and goes “follow them to France. » From there, he has one objective: to transmit and never again make the balance of his princesses waver.

During an interview with Bernard Montiel, David Hallyday was full of praise for them. They are ” Great, good at their best, very empathetic. They are (three) beautiful people. » Mission accomplished !

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