Crouched and in the middle of his players, Martín Demichelis tried to inject encouragement to a team of River that came from enduring an agonizing and surprising tie of Temperley in the 90 minutes of the match played in Mendoza. “With conviction!“, was the position suggested by the millionaire coach this Tuesday night to a team that was about to face a penalty shootout that was ultimately fateful because it determined a premature elimination from the Argentine Cup.

The River players were formed in a circle after the blow that this pirouette meant in Fernando Martínez’s area to stamp the final 1-1 for Gasolero. “Listen, wait, let’s talk,” Demichelis requested.

And he launched a kind of demand to try to stimulate his followers. “I want to see the body language now of conviction eh. Not out of concern,” he told them.

Forget about the energy that is outside, from the people. Forget everything. “Everything!” He implored them from the grass of the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza, where he had also been eliminated from the same competition, and in the same instance, in the 2023 edition.

The monologue continued for a few more seconds, but the microphones were no longer able to capture his words. Shortly after, Juan Rago saved his second penalty of the shootout against Héctor David Martínez (the first was saved by Esequiel Barco), and River, which once again did not have a savior in Franco Armani in this type of definition, was once again left with empty hands in the integrative contest.

After the victory for Gasolero 5-4 in the definition from the penalty spot, Demichelis suspended the press conference and left the Mendoza stadium without making any statements.


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