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We no longer introduce ourselves Jean Reno. Since his cinema debut in “The Big Blue”, he has had a string of successes in the cinema. However, for some time now, the actor has been distancing himself from his profession. And for good reason, he has just published his first book, “Emma”. Having a moved thought for his accomplice Johnny Hallyday, he will agree to recount one of their most astonishing exchanges.

That day when Johnny Hallyday cropped Jean Reno!

Jean Reno persists and signs. In the great cinema family, he “few friends”. Believing that he is not an isolated case, he admits to having previously “I thought it would be nice to create an actors and actresses club, to meet up, have a drink together, give each other news. » Very quickly, he falls from a height and realizes that “this (project) was not possible (because) few people would have come”.

Instead of watering down this environment, Jean Reno puts his foot down. “When you are an actor, you live under the gaze of others, you are dependent on them. » Looking back, he sees that success has its drawbacks. That“often brings out the bad side. Weakened, we can become evil”

On the other hand, there is one on whom Jean Reno has always been able to count, it is Johnny Hallyday. Proof being, Laeticia Hallyday’s darling does her the honor of choosing her as godfather to his adopted daughter, Jade.

Alas, one day, the fragile balance of their complicity will waverr. Jean Reno remembers it as if it were yesterday. At the time, he boasted to the youth idol of having “buy a Ferrari. » After a painful « silence for 40 seconds“, he says 5 words to her in a dry tone. “ I had seven.”

Distraught by so much coldness, Jean Reno asks how he should translate this sentence. Is it to taunt him? The answer is yes ! Looking back, here’s how he analyzes Johnny’s words “He made me understand that no, we should not continue on this uninteresting path…” A strong message that he cannot forget and that he passes on to new generations!

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