Hélène Segara, blind in one eye, she confides her nightmare.medical

We no longer present Hélène Ségara. For decades, his voice as well as the text of his songs have softened the hearts of the French. Musical comedy, incredible duos, shows in the most beautiful halls in the world, record sales of records, she multiplies the successes. However, behind the scenes, the singer experiencing a real ordeal. Exclusively for “Sept à Huit”, she will reveal the hell of the decor.

The double punishment of Hélène Ségara

Hélène Ségara remembers precisely the day when her fairy tale turned into a waking nightmare. “ It all started in April 2013. I came back from Russia where I had really worked a lot. I woke up one morningith a curtain literally in front of your eyes not understanding what was happening to me. »

Since that moment, “ everything came together » for Hélène Ségara. In addition to having “ implants in the eyes“, she has her assets more than one twenty operations. Believing that she is “ more or less stabilized“, she returns to the studios and tours.

Alas, “ There is two years“, Hélène Ségara’s precious balance wavers. “ I realized that I was really losing one of my eyes. » The height of horror, no treatment works!

Results of the races, Hélène Ségara lists what she is no longer able to do. She can draw a line under her “phone screen, reading, or peeling a fruit. » It’s obvious, she is in “ losing both eyes. » During many “hospitalizations, (the) infusions (and the) care » now punctuate his daily life. The objective is to “try to slow down the emergency while waiting to find a treatment”.

Suddenly, Audrey Crespo-Mara asks him the name of his pathology. Unfortunately, despite scientific investigations, no one has managed to make a diagnosis. “ Initially, we said it was a tumor, then we said it was multiple sclerosis. Finally, we looked for everything related to autoimmune disease. »

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Blind in her left eye, Hélène Ségara makes a chilling confession to his admirers. “ I still don’t know what I’m fighting against. (On the other hand), I try everything“. We really wish him a speedy recovery!

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