Each town has resorted to magical thinking to generate its own worldview. Aztecs, Mayans, Scandinavians, Greeks and Latins, Persians, Chinese, Indians… all civilizations have tried understand the laws of the universe going beyond what can be verified by scientific knowledge. Religion, astrology and magic account for this.

He Gypsy town is not exempt from this attitude typical of all of humanity, and has gone so far in its desire to predict the future that its women became famous for palmistry (reading the lines of the hand) and cartomancy (reading cards with playing cards). Spanish people).

The gypsies have also generated a own horoscope based on the Western horoscope, with icons that represent each sign in a different way.

These signs Gypsies are elements rescued from their culture that originated in India and traveled throughout the Western world, as indicated on the portal. Gypsies.

What sign corresponds to you in the gypsy horoscope and what does it hold for you in love?

Gypsy Horoscope.  Each sign of the traditional zodiac was given a talisman.  Photo: Clarín.Gypsy Horoscope. Each sign of the traditional zodiac was given a talisman. Photo: Clarín.

Having been throughout Europe for centuries, the gypsy worldview mounted its atavistic customs on Western culture. This is what they did with their horoscope and Each sign of our traditional zodiac was given one of its talismans. If you want to know which one corresponds to you, you just have to know your sun sign.

Dagger (Aries). This weapon leads you to success and victory in your projects throughout your life. But this month you must take care of yourself because in love you are presented with indecision, a real obstacle in accessing the desired person. You can draw it later.

Crown (Taurus). Power and elegance for your image before others. This month, your desires in love will be reciprocated and a good, stable relationship that will stand the test of time awaits you.

Candela (Gemini). The Gemini duality of wisdom and truth is related to the gypsy candelabra that will illuminate your field of love this month. Act with confidence in yourself and you will see that everything flows naturally.

Star (Leo). Lucky sign due to the position of the stars (stars) at the time of your birth. You have a balanced life but also an Achilles heel: love does not prosper because your partner gives priority to money issues.

Bell (Virgo). Your characteristics are organization, realism and discipline, always aware of the present moment. In love you are a structured and closed person and that makes it difficult for your feelings to be viable.

What the stars say about your present in love, according to your gypsy horoscope sign.  Photo: Shutterstock.What the stars say about your present in love, according to your gypsy horoscope sign. Photo: Shutterstock.

Currency (Pound). Currency is money and wealth, but not only material. It also speaks of spiritual wealth. You will find correspondence in your feelings because your partner is attracted to your good energy.

Dagger (Scorpio). It is nascent energy, always beginning a new stage, as in adolescence. Exposed to changes and transformations, in love you appear fragile, vulnerable, sensitive and fearful.

Ax (Sagittarius). The ax is your tool to demolish obstacles and remove blockages. You always move forward with your adventurous nature, but be very careful not to get your heart broken because you have already suffered it.

Cup (Aquarius). The cup, as in tarot, is a receptive element, both good and bad. More than once you find yourself facing important problems. In love, the cup receives good waves, but you are afraid to trust anyone.

Chapel (Pisces). Symbol of spirituality and wisdom. In love, perspective is difficult because you usually give everything without measure. This lack of limits means that others can invade you and hurt you.

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