This should not be confused with Museum Night, which is a local activity. He International Museum Day is a world holiday that every May 18 institutions around the world celebrate at the initiative of the International Council of Museums (ICOM)since 1977. The idea is to motivate the public to visit these spaces and raise awareness among the population about the role they play in cultural exchange and social development of countries.

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The Secretary of Culture of the Nation, Leonardo Cifelli, will not carry out any specific activity but the institutions under its orbit will offer a special program from the north to the south of the country. In Salta, the Northern Historical Museum will have theatrical guided tours from 7:30 p.m.; in Córdoba, the Estancia de Jesús María It will host various activities from 10 a.m.; in the capital Museum of Decorative Art will offer a Jazz Concert as part of the Hermenegildo Sábat exhibition at 4 p.m. and an Art Workshop for families at 5 p.m.

In Vicente López, the Rock Museum invites you to take an interactive tour where participants meet in person the Museum’s professionals who tell the secrets of their daily tasks at 3:00 p.m.; in the province of San Juan the Birthplace of Sarmiento A reading corner will be ready with materials for the little ones starting at 10; and the Museum of Oriental Art It will present a space to read, write and, furthermore, exercise these practices without interference.

Buenos Aires museums

Also the Buenos Aires institutions They will open their doors this Saturday with free entry to enjoy activities organized by the City Ministry of Culture. They will be part of this initiative more than 10 spaces: Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires Museum, Saavedra Museum, Modern Museum, Fernández Blanco Museum (in its Palacio Noel and Casa Fernández Blanco headquarters), Popular Art Museum, Larreta Museum, Perlotti Museum, Casa Carlos Gardel Museum, Pablo Cinema Museum Ducrós Hicken, La Cisterna Archaeological Site and Barraca Peña.

Row at the Museum of Modern Art.  Photo: Martín Bonetto.Row at the Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

The MuseumsBA They can be visited from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; la Cisterna, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Barraca Peña, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Each year the international community is invited to reflect on different topics. In 2024 the theme is “Museums for education and research”. “In this framework, the fundamental role of museums is recognized as pillars of education and as dynamic research centers that promote continuous learning, discovery and appreciation of cultural diversity. Furthermore, it stands out the arduous research work carried out prior to each exhibitionboth in the case of temporary exhibitions and in the continuous reviews of museum heritage, with the aim of offering new interpretations and readings,” explained the Buenos Aires authorities.

In the city, the Sívori Museum organized a textile sculpture workshop for boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old and an appointment with artists: Majo Prieto, Beatriz Malavé and Enrique Espinola, three participants in the Biennial Textile Art Exhibition. He Saavedra Museum invites you to a guided tour carried out in coordination between the conservation and restoration teams and the museum’s educational area.

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He Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires It will enable, among other proposals, the Bosquizarse Workshop (an experimental space to learn with plants) and Modern Sensations (sensory exploration aimed at people with autism spectrum conditions).

He too Fernandez Blanco Museum will take a guided tour of the heritage collection of the Museum of Hispanic American Art and will do the same José Hernández Popular Art Museum and the Larreta Museum. In the museum Carlos Gardel House, Gabriel Soria, director and curator of the exhibition “Troilo, the other Gardel del Abasto” will be the guide to discover Aníbal Troilo.

And Buenos Aires museums

In the Provincethe celebration will be projected at the end of the day with “A Night at the Museums”night event in which they participate more than 200 institutions of the entire Buenos Aires territory, organized by the Cultural Institute and the Provincial Directorate of Cultural Heritage. The proposals will be developed with free entry between 6 and midnight.

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“From the government of Axel Kicillof we highlight this special day in which cultural spaces from each territory participate, where each community preserves its history and identity. It is a unique night, for the whole family, where the work carried out throughout the Province is promoted and where the richness of our cultural heritage is reflected,” said the head of the Cultural Institute, Florencia Saintout.

In La Plata you can enjoy the expanded museum and the activities in all its exhibits; Also in the Unique Stadium The “Garage: Corazón Maradona” will open. Besides, in Luján, the Udaondo Museum Complex It will have tours of the different rooms and spaces and will have a musical proposal; at the Transportation Museum You will be able to meet “The workers of the Tahona”, it is a recreation of the way in which the seed is milled.

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In Los Toldos, the Casa Evita Museum will present participatory tours and the DuoDeno comedy show. In it Libres del Sur Museum of Dolores You can also tour the rooms and there will be live folk music. For its part, in the Juan Domingo Perón de Lobos Museum and Library A day of activities will be held aimed at involving youth with crafts and music.

People in the CCK.  Photos Martín Bonetto.People in the CCK. Photos Martín Bonetto.

Likewise, in the Historical Museum October 17 of San Vicente The proposal includes the play “La Descamisada, Evita and you face to face”; a presentation by “San Vicente Tango Community”; There will be guided and participatory tours led by staff from the National Railway Museum, and by students and graduates of the Teacher Training Institute No. 93 of San Vicente. It will have a fair for artisans and entrepreneurs; a gastronomic tour by the 401 Labor Training Center; and a recital of “Natives.”

In Mar del Plata, the MAR Museum It will open its doors from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will have activities for all ages, musical proposals and participatory tours of exhibitions. In addition, visitors will be able to tour the Finde store with a promotion and sales stand of local publishers and designers.

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