“He’s my boyfriend,” Nicoletta fondly recalls her friendship with JoeyStarr

She recently celebrated her 80th birthday. Yet, Nicoletta is far from wanting to retire. In almost sixty years of career, the singer has enjoyed numerous successes. Of The music has The sun is dead passing through the cult Mamy Blue or his duo Dark thoughts with Bernard Lavilliers, the artist has been able to build the loyalty of a public that is still attached to him.

Recently, the star released a magnificent box set containing sixteen discsincluding unpublished material, soberly titled Nicoletta, the complete.

The monument Mamy Blue

On Tuesday May 7, the singer was invited to TV5 Monde to promote it. A very beautiful object which she sums up as follows: : “That’s 58 years of life. There are some unreleased tracks that I recorded. We forget the songs when we don’t bring them to life on stage.”

The one who recently spoke about her near-death experience also spoke about his tube Mamy Blue, which certainly remains his most iconic title : “It’s the one I sold the most. I traveled around the world, I even sang it in Beijing, in Tokyo, in Eastern countries, in South America. (…) But I didn’t make any money from record sales because they copied cassettes, there was no record company at the time. On the other hand, I have played in big stadiums.”

Nicoletta: “He is very well mannered, he is charming”

Mamy Blue, a title which strongly inspired JoeyStarr for his piece Mamy, in 2012. On the former leader of NTM, Nicoletta is full of praise: ” It’s my friend. (…) He is very pleasant to know in life, in private, with his friends. He is very well mannered, he is charming, he is not at all the boy we are used to hearing on TV. You don’t rap while being funny. He played the game of his work, now he has changed a lot, he acts more and more, he sings less and less. He is very busy “.

During this interview, Nicoletta even took the opportunity to slip a special request to her friend : “He has an interesting problem: he cooks very well. I’m still waiting for him to invite me. So JoeyStarr, if you can hear me, I would love to taste your Caribbean cuisine.” Between Nicoletta and JoeyStarr, it’s a beautiful romance and a beautiful story of friendship!

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