In 2021, Sabrina Rojas (44) ended her relationship with Luciano Castro (49) after more than a decade of love that gave rise to their two children together, Esperanza and Fausto. Since then, both decided to take different paths and more than two years after the breakup, the actress rShe revealed how she experienced her first night alone after the separation.

In dialogue with Socios del Espectáculo (El Trece), Sabrina assured: “I broke up with pain and felt that I would not be able to fall in love again. because heor did I feel that I loved himbut it was a duel that I had been developing for a long time before.”

Immediately afterwards, Rojas stressed that having gone through previous wear and tear in the relationship meant that the end of the couple “was not dramatic in resolving it.” “But the pain, I felt like I was dying”, acknowledged the actress.

Then, Paula Varela asked him: “And what was the first night alone like? The first night, already separated, he left with the bag.” Then, Sabrina responded, visibly moved: “You don’t know, the sadness. The first time I left my children at home that was the worst.”.

“Oh, guys, I’m crying! I do not want to cry! I swear to you that I tell it and it is like something corporal that comes back to me,” said the actress with a broken voice. Seconds later, Sabrina shared her feelings and feelings that challenged her when she had to take her children to the actor’s house, already separated: “Leave them with the backpack at home. And bye. And say, what did we do? What happened? Why did we come to this?”.

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Sabrina Rojas opened up about the difficulty she faced as a mother after separating from Luciano Castro.Sabrina Rojas opened up about the difficulty she faced as a mother after separating from Luciano Castro.

In this sense, Rojas reflected: “Later, when you hurt, you realize that the good part of being separated is that there are two or three days that you are without children and you dedicate yourself to yourself.” “But It hurts to come home and the lights are off. Because there is no one. There is no noise, there is nothing. And there the emptiness appears,” she acknowledged.

On the other hand, Sabrina remembered what was the turning point that helped her realize that she was no longer in love with Castro: “It happened to me that the last time I felt his noises and said: ‘Oh my God, I want him to leave.’ I guess it happened to him with me too, it’s not that I act empowered, surely He also had a need to get out of there.“.

Sabrina, with an open heart about her disappointment with Tucu López after the separation with Luciano

After separating from Luciano Castro, the actress once again gave herself a chance at love with the announcer Tucu López whom she met in the play Sex directed by José María Muscari and from that moment on, they became inseparable. They took the time to get to know each other. until formalizing the sentimental bond that lasted 2 years.


The actress did not keep quiet when talking about the end of love with the announcer after two years of love.

“Besides, It was the first time that I was a girlfriend with children and well, I did what I could.”, Rojas stated with total sincerity although he stressed that “Today I would act differently.”

Along the same lines, the actress analyzed the bond that was generated between her children and the announcer: “Maybe I would wait a little longer to introduce it to the kids because then they get attached to it.”. “In a moment I thought it was for life. I was excited. But no, in the end it didn’t turn out that way,” he concluded.

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