“I don't really appreciate being used as media cannon fodder”, Emmanuelle Bercot severely tackles Isild Le Besco after her accusations

It’s a punchy piece of work. On Thursday May 2, the actress and director Isild Le Besco published the story Say true (Denoël editions). A book in which Maïwenn’s younger sister talks about her experience in the cinema industry and her stormy relationship with director Benoît Jacquot.

In addition to the filmmaker also implicated by Judith Godrèche, Isild Le Besco also mentions his various collaborations with director Emmanuelle Bercot. Shootings which, it seems, left him with a bitter taste.

Challenging filming

The two women are working together for the first time on the short film Holidaysin 1997. But this is their second collaboration, with the film The chip, released the following year, which will complicate things. In Say true, Isild Le Besco recalls a long sex scene during which Emmanuelle Bercot allegedly asked him to look at an actor’s erect penis. Furthermore, Maïwenn’s sister talks about the multiple reshoots of a slapping scene or even the director’s injunctions for her to lose weight.

On these different shoots, Isild Le Besco declares : “The filming with Emmanuelle Bercot was an adventure that was both brilliant and trying, an intimate experience exposed for all to see. Eventually, the violence and humiliation common on the sets seemed banal to me.”

Emmanuelle Bercot: “I never asked Isild to lose weight, never! »

Accusations who made Emmanuelle Bercot jump. Guest on France Inter, this Monday May 6, the one who is currently starring in the comedy The Coubertin Spirit by Jérémie Sein alongside Benjamin Voisin and Laura Felpin wanted to clarify things: “No, no, no, I never asked Isild to lose weight, never! ».

During this interview, the actress and director apologized for this situationemphasizing that she appreciated, “quite little to serve as media cannon fodder for the promotion of her book and to be cited among several men designated as attackers or rapists”. This is what is said.

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