“I had five francs to feed myself”, Anne Parillaud confides on the difficult filming of “Nikita”

The role of a lifetime. On February 21, 1990, the feature film was released on French screens Nikita by Luc Besson. Instantly, this action film became cult. The story is that of a young woman, rebel and drug addict, who finds herself recruited by the French secret services. In the title role, the director of Big Blue called on the young actress Anne Parillaud, with whom he has been married since 1986.

Former companion of Alain Delon, the actress has already more than ten years of career behind her. Seen in particular at Michel Lang (The Beach Hotel), Just Jaeckin (Girls) or Ettore Scola (What time is it ?), the young woman nevertheless struggles to find the role that will make her a star.

A complicated preparation

With Nikita, Anne Parillaud will, however, win it. In 1991, she received the César for best actress for her stunning composition. A more than deserved reward as the actress particularly suffered before filming.

This Tuesday, May 7, invited on the set of C to you, the one who recently spoke out in the war raging within the Delon clan gave more details on what Luc Besson asked him. In particular living in an abandoned factory: “I had five francs a day to feed myself. I had nothing: no books, no music, no clothes, I couldn’t wash myself… For a good month. There was just a guard with a dog at the end of the factory.”

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Anne Parillaud: “I wanted to quit cinema”

If her performance was ultimately praised, Anne Parillaud was still very disappointed in her when she discovered herself on screen. To the point of thinking about stopping her acting career, as she points out: “I wanted to quit cinema.”

Faced with Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine and her columnists, the star explained: “I have a relationship problem with myself and a lack of love due to the fact that it was not built for me. But in addition, suddenly, seeing yourself on a screen and not liking yourself, it’s so violent that we say to ourselves ‘I’m not going to torture myself all my life being on a screen and not appreciating what I can try to embody there’ ».

Fortunately, the actress did not stop there and continued his career, showing himself to be a philosopher : “At the same time, it was what entirely determined my journey, because the fact of not relating to myself saved me from other traps, from being satisfied, from never looking further, at the -of the “. Anne Parillaud, an actress who moves forward, whatever happens.

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