Did Artus “ A little something extra » ? In any case, that’s what he tries to demonstrate on stage or in his films! Currently in full promotion of his first feature film, he distils anecdotes drop by drop on the radio, in the press or on television. In fact, even if he loves the spotlight, he admits to not having enjoyed his experience as a host at all. Suddenly, the conductor of “What an era”, she will reframe sharply.

Artus, freewheeling!

It’s no secret. Artus uses humor to hide his sensitivity or his daily anxieties. Moreover, on social networks, his subscribers congratulate him on his recent and impressive weight loss. Maliciously, the person concerned confides to Léa Salamé that his morale is better, especially sincehe has put an end to cigarettes and alcohol!

Grabbing this pole, Raphaël Glucksmann’s darling will surprise viewers. Instead of praising him, she implies that Artus has abandoned anxiety in favor of gloom. You’re no longer anxious, but you’re annoying“.

Shocked by such remarks, Artus Don’t let yourself be walked on. “ It’s very French that… It’s funny because as soon as we say that we stop (drinking), we become boring. While p**** it’s good not to drink a drop), replied Artus.

Realizing that she had pushed the envelope too far, Léa Salamé tries to catch up. Unfortunately, this fails to convince the friend of Jérôme Ferrari or Arnaud Tsamère. Instead of forgiving him or justifying, Artus persists and signs. He has no accountability to him.

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On social networks, this short extract from “Quelle époque” creates a media tsunami. It deserves an apology”, “it’s disastrous for public health“…More than ever, the attitude of the star presenter of France Télévisions divides. As for that of Artus, it is widely applauded and praised. And you what do you think ? Who will have the last word ? The mystery remains!

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