“Ricard and cigarettes” Dave breaks the silence on the dangerous addictions of his friend Renaud

We no longer present either Dave or Renaud. Indeed, for decades, their songs have illuminated the souls of music lovers. However, it is clear that the state of health of his two colleagues and friends is declining. For the first time, Patrick Loiseau’s husband agrees to reveal the hell of the decor.

Dave’s double punishment

Almost two and a half years ago, Dave’s life turned into a waking nightmare. Indeed, found unconscious by her husband, the emergency services quickly took care of him. The singer’s assessment is under appeal. Loss of memory, taste and smell » are now part of his daily life.

Very quickly, Dave explains that the after-effects of his “ cerebral hemorrhage » resemble COVID symptoms. Disappointed, he admits that he is nostalgic for his evenings with friends where he ate and drank a glass of Bordeaux. Gradually, ” hope » is reborn since the day before this interview, he had “ the feeling of actually tasting a strawberry and smelling coffee in the morning.

In front of our colleagues, Dave reveals that he recently celebrated his change of ten. “ I have been in my eighties since on Renaud’s wedding day, to which I was invited, because we are friends and neighbors in the South. » Moreover, far from being a secret, he emphasizes that “ the town hall, there were so many fans (that he had) the impression of attending the wedding of Johnny and Sylvie. »

Delighted to see his friend Renaud happy, Dave makes a shattering confession. “ He is strong ! With everything that happened loaded with Ricard and cigarettes, he has analyzes perfect.” On the other hand, when it comes to vocal cords, he has his work cut out for him! No offense to their detractors, these two artists are really not ready to retire!

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