"If we had to redo it..." Laury Thilleman confides in her checkered mandate as Miss France

We no longer present Laury Thilleman. A little over a decade ago, she became the most beautiful woman in France. Since the end of her reign, she continue projects on the television. Furthermore, a few hours before the arrival of the Olympic flame on the territory, she puts on her conductor’s costume. This special evening in Marseille, the ex of chef Juan Albarez reveals behind the scenes to our colleagues from “Culture Medias”. On this occasion, she will agree to take stock of the Miss France experience.

A non-negotiable condition

It’s obvious, Laury Thilleman cannot forget the filming of this election Miss France. First of all, delighted to meet in the flesh the president of the jury Alain Delon, the father of the beauty queen does not let go of the actor one step.

However, at the time, Sylvie Tellier manages everything with an iron fist. This is why, as soon as Laury Thilleman puts on her scarf, she has no time to savor her victory. In fact, Sylvie Tellier tells her point blank that she must watch her figure. Gaining a gram is out of the question.

In order to justify herself, Sylvie Tellier hammers Laury Thilleman. “The French elected you like that, so you must stay with the same body shape.” Being by nature “ very tasty“, respecting this tacit pact was not easy.

Not only does she multiplies signing sessions and official meals, but in addition, Laury Thilleman did not not for a second to practice his favorite sport, surfing. At the microphone of Thomas Isle, she emphasizes that she “was not used to not eliminating these lunch and dinner restaurants with starter, main course, dessert”.

Despite this difficult aspect, Laury Thilleman persists and signs. “If I had to do it again, I would do it a thousand times.” We understand, she is not about to erase the year 2011 from her mind and even less from her heart!

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