“You are really disgusting”, Julian Bugier “offended” by a remark from Thomas Sotto

That’s it, she has arrived. After having sailed for ten days on the legendary Belem, the Olympic flame finally arrived in Marseille, this Wednesday, May 8. A historic moment that the television channels did not miss.

So, all day long, France 2 was in the starting blocks so as not to miss anything of this major event. From dawn, the teams of Telematin have relocated to the Marseille city. Everything went smoothly until a small “incident” around 9:30 a.m.

A slight clothing incident

After Telematin there was indeed an exceptional show, still live from Marseille, hosted by Julian Bugier. Faced with the excitement of the public, the latter did not fail to thank his colleagues Thomas Sotto and Marie Portolano, for having “warmed up” the public, before him: “There is a crazy atmosphere, you have really set the Old Port on fire. Thank you for allowing us to experience this exceptional first part of the day.”

Except that the journalist’s enthusiasm was quickly dampened by a remark from Thomas Sotto about his clothing : “Julian, you will remember to zip your fly anyway. A little message of service.”

Julian Bugier: “Thank you Thomas, I’ll think about it”

Obviously, this small projection did not fail to arouse laughter around himeven if Marie Portolano still emphasized to her colleague that ” it’s free “. “You’re really disgusting!” “, then launched Julian Bugier to the presenter of Telematin.

After a quick check of his pants, the journalist resumed presenting the show as if nothing had happened : “Thank you Thomas, I’ll think about it, but it doesn’t matter, we left like that, it’s a crazy day that awaits us. An absolutely extraordinary day”. The live exercise can sometimes hold many surprises!

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