Laurence Boccolini breaks the silence on his “violent” and incurable illness

We no longer present Laurence Boccolini. Contrary to what its detractors insinuate, it is anything but a weak link. And for good reason, for several decades, it has multiplied projects. Whether she presents or plays in a series, everything seems to succeed for her. However, behind her beautiful smile, she hides deep pain. For the first time, Willow’s mother agrees to tell his health nightmare.

The double punishment of Laurence Boccolini

It’s obvious, Laurence Boccolini’s complexes still stick to his skin. However, his early admirers welcome his weight loss. Alas, they do not know thata physical disability prevents him from showing another part of his anatomy.

Throughout his career, Laurence Boccolini makes sure to “ hide (his) hands. In fact, she emphasizes that the effects ofrheumatoid arthritis can be very violent, especially during periods of crisis. » When this is the case, she deplores that the pain spreads in “ all joints“.

Despite advances in science, this pathology born ” does not heal. Certainly, the star host of “Children of TV” nevertheless wants to reassure her subscribers. “ I am under treatment, my condition is not getting worse“. However, by accepting the symptoms and the fallout, Laurence Boccolini has just taken a huge step.

From then on, Laurence Boccolini admits that she owes an immense debt to another celebrity. Faced with her distress, she explains to our colleagues that she can only be admiring. “ During a recording of Money Drop, Hélène Ségara, who had a very serious eye problem, saw me in enormous pain. She said ‘You must not be ashamed. Talk about it, it will do you a lot of good. I was afraid of the reactions, but I finally listened to her. »

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Fact, “on cortisone all the time”, the singer experiencing an ordeal. GoldLaurence Boccolini notes that “as soon as the camera turns on, she has a smile, she is professional. » A great proof of resilience thatshe decides to apply to the letter ! Hats off to the artists!

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