To the nightmare of the Schmucler reader we can add other more current ones. For example, the mismanagement of social plans during Kirchnerism: it was recently learned that 9,413 people who received them were public employees. In 2019, Alberto F. presented the Argentine National Plan against Hunger, but Today 50% of those dining rooms do not exist. In February of this year, the box handled by Juan Grabois with endorsement from K and Alberto F. was discovered: US$ 244 million in 4 years.

Laundered, it is due to the management of public funds for social aid: Justice detected bank accounts of the Polo Obrero, the Front of Organizations in Struggle and Barrios de Pie with deposits for at least $1,616 million. The origin of these funds does not appear. Héctor M. Sosa, “the friend” of the former president, was left with a contract of US$ 7 million per year in the Nación Seguros scandal. Last Monday and after 19 years, the trial for the first K corruption case began: the Skanska Case, linked to the awarding of gas pipelines.

And the last (?)they investigate a new “Chocolate” Case: they raided the Municipality of San Martín, and They prohibit the Peronist mayor Fernando Moreira from leaving the countrywho replaced the former Peronist mayor Gabriel Katopodis, who was Minister of Infrastructure of the Nation under Alberto F. and occupies the same place with the current management of Axel Kicillof. Where a tile rises, corruption appears K.

Argentina going through the worst economic moment and the whole country waits for a light to appear. Perhaps it is that of the IMF, which on Friday risked, for the first time in years, that Argentina will grow again in the second half of the year. But it seems that Cristina “does not see it”, society voted against corruption and he can’t believe it. She bangs her head against the wall, kicks and wonders “How can it be that, in this state of affairs, there are people who support the President?”.

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