“An incompatibility between them”, the complicated relationships between Maïwenn and her sister Isild Le Besco

It’s an event book. This Wednesday 1er May is out the story Say true (Denoël editions) by Isild Le Besco. In recent weeks, Maïwenn’s little sister has publicly spoken out about the influence she was subjected to by director Benoît Jacquot.

Statements which echoed those of Judith Godrèche whose accusations also targeted the French filmmaker. In Say true, Isild Le Besco evokes Benoît Jacquot but not only. His job, his relationships, his family are at the heart of this work which was read and accepted by his entire family. With the exception of his sister, Maïwenn.

Maïwenn: “I don’t want to be associated with her”

The relationship between the two women are more than tense. On April 20, 2024, the director of Polish told the British media The Independent, regarding his younger sister: “We had nothing to do with each other. I don’t want to be associated with her.”

Remarks which contrast with those of Isild Le Bescoshe who describes her eldest in her book as “a second mother”.

From love to indifference

The relationship between the two women is no longer the same as before, as reported by a friend of the two sisters in the columns of World : “As a child, Isild admired Maïwenn, it was close. But today there is an incompatibility between them, because Isild is no longer docile. And Maïwenn needs people who validate her way of being and doing.”

In his book, Isild Le Besco mentions in particular the stormy relationship between his sister and Luc Besson. A story of which she is quite critical: “Luc embodied the dream of somewhere else, a way out which turned out to be a butchery. (…) In hindsight, it gives the impression that we were part of a film where Luc played the best role and where we were an extension of our older sister. And then he skipped the film.” Once very close, the two sisters no longer speak to each other today. From love to indifference, there is only one step.

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