When you travel, the quality of your experience depends a lot on how easy and pleasing it is to move around the place. Today, we’ll focus on Madrid. It is the third most visited city worldwide and yet, despite all those crowds, it’s pretty convenient in terms of transportation.

8 Ways to Move Around Madrid


The metro in Madrid is fantastic. It’s fast, clean, and covers most parts of the city. Trains run often (every 2 minutes in the rush hours). The stations are easy to navigate, too, as there are clear signs in English and Spanish. It’s also cheap — about €1.50 for a single ride — the perfect option for budget travelers.


Madrid’s buses are another excellent option. They run frequently and can take you to places the metro doesn’t reach. They are likewise clean and safe. They’re especially useful for night travel, as some routes operate 24/7.

Renting a Car

For the ultimate freedom, there’s always car rental. Many rental services offer a wide range of vehicles. How about bmw x6 madrid or, perhaps, audi rs5? You can really choose your dream car here. It’s perfect if you plan to explore other cities in Spain.


Taxis are everywhere in Madrid. You’ll easily spot them with their white color and red stripes. Plus, fares are reasonable here (about €1.15 per kilometer). And you can hail one easily — on the street or find them at taxi stands. They’re also perfect for late nights when other transport is less frequent.

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Rideshare services like Uber and Cabify work well here. You can use them with an app. And a pleasant bonus — they often offer promotions or discounts. You can choose from various car types, from basic to luxury.


Don’t forget about walking. Madrid is very walkable. Plus, walking lets you see all the beautiful streets and buildings around every corner. Walk to soak in the city’s vibe and discover spots you might miss otherwise.


Madrid is trying hard to become more bike-friendly. There are bike lanes, there are rental stations throughout the city. If you have plenty of time and a mood for sports, why not, in fact?

5 Spots You Cannot Miss in Madrid

So you’ve chosen your optimal means of transport and … where to now?

  • Retiro Park

This is a super green park. You can row a boat on the lake, enjoy street performances, or just relax on the grass. It’s a perfect spot to unwind.

  • Prado Museum

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as an art lover, this one’s worth visiting. Many experts call the Prado the most significant museum of European painting. You can see works by Goya, Velázquez, and many more.

  • Gran Vía

This one is the heart of Madrid’s shopping and entertainment. You’ll find theaters, shops, and restaurants on this street. It’s perfect if you aim for a day of exploration and people-watching.

  • Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is stunning. You can tour its lavish rooms and see royal artifacts. The palace gardens are also beautiful and worth a stroll.

  • Plaza Mayor
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This grand square is a historic and social hub. The buildings around are stunning and many locals recommend enjoying a coffee with tapas here. Events and markets are often held here, too.


You can easily get around Madrid if you know your options. Choose your favorite way to explore and embark on a journey. And don’t forget to visit these top spots to make the most of your trip!

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/aerial-photography-of-vehicles-passing-between-high-rise-buildings-WBGjg0DsO_g

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