Crouching, and with short, meticulous steps. Almost on the lookout. So A puma approached a family from Córdoba who was taking a walk El Chalten. The walk, for a few moments, became a nightmarebecause the animal was a few meters from the trail and the hikers who were traveling along it.

We had never experienced anything like this. We were practically hard and we could only raise our hands,” admitted one of them, when the tense moment had already become an anecdote.

The episode occurred last Tuesday in that majestic mountain town in the province of Santa Cruz, but it only came to light this Friday, with the chilling images going viral on social networks.

Marcelo Gallo walked with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and mother-in-law enjoying the landscape. But about 150 meters before reaching an area known as Chorrillo del Salto Their blood froze, and not precisely because of the characteristic low Patagonian temperatures.

“We were taking a family walk and a puma appeared coming from behind“Commented Gallo, in statements to Chain 3.

Upon seeing the animal, which apparently was a puppy, everyone stopped and remained silent. “We tried to raise our hands, as I had theoretically been taught on other occasions. It was an eternitybecause everything may have lasted 10 minutes, but for us it was a long hour,” Gallo acknowledged.

The puma was a few meters from the family from Córdoba who was taking a walk in El Chaltén.The puma was a few meters from the family from Córdoba who was taking a walk in El Chaltén.

“My son-in-law continued walking to the exit with the smallest child and I have the feline practically facing mewith Santino in my arms,” ​​the hiker continued his story.

And he added: “The puma kept looking at us. If we moved a hand or a foot, he followed you. He was practically crouching with one paw raised, as if he was ready to jump and attack.”

Fortunately for everyone, the animal climbed a tree and the family was able to slowly continue on their way.

“The workers couldn’t believe us. They told us that, if the puma was so close, It was a miracle that no misfortune had occurred.. It was a miracle that we weren’t hurt, because the puma usually runs away from humans and doesn’t confront you. But he confronted us. “Everything became eternal,” Gallo concluded.

As a precaution against the appearance of this puma, the Administration of Los Glaciares National Park communicated the decision to temporarily close the accesses to Chorrillo del Salto starting this Saturdayuntil it is considered a safe area for public use, with the dual purpose of caring for the population and the specimen

Recommendations for tourists in the event of a possible encounter with a puma:

Also on Instagram, Los Glaciares National Park described the puma (Puma concolor) as “the largest predator in Patagonia” and a species that “inhabits mountainous areas, jungles, deserts and the Patagonian steppe.”

The Puma concolor is the largest predator in Patagonia, but as they explained, they fear man and stay away from him.The Puma concolor is the largest predator in Patagonia, but as they explained, they fear man and stay away from him.

In any case, he clarified that “They fear man and stay away from him”, although he recommended that tourists be careful on their excursions because they often enter their natural territories.

Don’t run, the puma may mistake you for one of its prey. Don’t turn your back on him; Observe it continually and pay attention to your surroundings. Do not approach or harass him; Always leave him an escape route.

The recommendations for a possible encounter with a puma, as detailed in the Los Glaciares National Park account, are:

  • If you are with children, keep them close to you or lift them; never leave them alone.
  • If the cougar approaches, raise your arms and wave them, wave jackets or other objects to make yourself appear larger.
  • Shout to scare him away, if this doesn’t work, throw a rock.
  • If you are inside a vehicle, stop moving and observe it without leaving or making noise, take advantage of the safety of the vehicle to take photographs.
  • Whenever you see a puma, notify the Park staff, their information can be very valuable to know and monitor its movements.


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