They say that what you are passionate about, finds you, and that success, far from being a coincidence or a stroke of luck, is a construction based on discipline and perseverance. AND Nacho Nacifthe 23-year-old who captivated Lali Esposito in the reality auditions Factor X Spain, It is mere proof of this.

He grew up in the city of Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, within a working family as the youngest of four siblings (José Pablo, Fernando and Luciana) and son of Viviana, an architect, and his father Antonio, an engineer.

The young artist assures that his parents “realized that he had to be in this” when he turned 4 years old and not much later, Nacho learned to play the guitar and piano, to begin training in singing at 10.

At that time, Nacif was educated in a dual-school bilingual school but that did not stop him and he made his schedule work to attend music classes once a week.

On the other hand, on Sundays, Nacho accompanied his father to church where he sang and played the guitar, an experience that helped him face small audiences at an early age.

The next step in his musical training was to join a band with his friends, with whom he used to perform in competitions, an activity that encouraged him to compose songs. Another important factor in his artistic path was the bilingual secular school since they used to plan trips throughout the country, which influenced him when he decided to embark on an adventure around the world to create his first album in different destinations such as the United States, Mexico and Spain.

Nacho Nacif is a native of Mendoza and is 23 years old.  Photo courtesy: Álvaro Coronado.Nacho Nacif is a native of Mendoza and is 23 years old. Photo courtesy: Álvaro Coronado.

“The little music bug”, as Nacho defines it, arrived at the age of 16.

“That’s when I started taking it seriously. I put it between my eyebrows almost ten years ago, and it is a path that I am still traveling,” says the young man from Mendoza, who upon watching a video of Grace Vanderwaal, a former participant of America’s Got Talent, He knew he wanted to sing professionally.

It was there where he stayed for three months looking for inspiration.

Nacho Nacif composes his own songs.  Courtesy: Mel Giselle.Nacho Nacif composes his own songs. Courtesy: Mel Giselle.

When talking about the musical influences that influenced him and his music, the young singer-songwriter assures that his brothers played an important role since they introduced him to a wide range of artists and genres such as national rock, and Anglo-Saxon pop and Latin.

That’s how it was born life discoveryhis first single which he released along with a music video on digital platforms and in whose lyrics he poured all the learning he acquired in that stage of personal and professional self-discovery.

Dare to dream: your key to recognition

To his surprise, upon returning to Mendoza, the song began to transcend in his city and the impact of single He encouraged him to join a new musical group to perform live.

At 18, his desire to study music brought him to Buenos Aires, where he moved in with one of his brothers temporarily until he got his own place to live alone.

Then, Nacho enrolled in the Buenos Aires School of Contemporary Music to continue training. He still remembers when, upon entering the classroom, his classmates improvised. beats hitting the pens, which made him think “that I was in my fish tank.”

I was in a place surrounded by people who did the same thing as me, something that had never happened to me. My friends supported me but they were in business or law, and they didn’t fully understand me. There was a bit of feeling like the black sheep until I started music school. There I understood that it was where I should be,” she says.

Nacho Nacif, at 18, moved to Buenos Aires to continue his musical training.Nacho Nacif, at 18, moved to Buenos Aires to continue his musical training.

Three months earlier, Nacho traveled to New York with the Go Broadway project, which offers an intensive program to train artists in the United States, and he enhanced his training and entered the world of musical comedy.

“For me, Paul was a very important figure since I moved to Buenos Aires because started taking me to castings and events like the Kid Choice Awards here in Argentina,” Nacif emphasizes.

That’s how Nacho began to rub shoulders with others. influencers and artists like the brothers Nazar, Yami Sadfie and Maia Reficco with whom he created content for social networks with millions of views.

“Suddenly, Each video exceeded 100 thousand views, and when I went out on the street in Buenos Aires they asked me for photos, something that was already happening in Mendoza and for me, was more common. “People started to recognize me, that shocked me,” says the artist who will release his new single on June 6. Behind you.

Nacho Nacif is also passionate about acting.Nacho Nacif is also passionate about acting.

Another important event in his career took place in 2019, when recorded a song with Alejandro Lerner for UNICEF in order to support the rights of the child. That same year, Nacho received a message from an Internet user who guaranteed him that Cris Morena was looking for him and wanted to meet him. Despite his doubts, he took the risk and before he knew it, there was an office located in Martínez to meet with the production company.

About that meeting, Nacif says: “The meeting with her was crazy.”I had three photos of me on the table but he didn’t offer me anythingonly He told me that they were going to contact me again.”.

But With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, that job door which at first had opened, suddenly, It closed abruptly.

Before the world came to a standstill, Nacif ventured into acting by recording pilots and auditioning for audiovisual projectsbut With isolation and quarantine those objectives were truncated.

Then he returned to Mendoza. But far from getting frustrated, He focused his energies on composing new music, finding his voice and artistic style.

And for this, He made the decision to distance himself from social networks.

Spain, a new beginning: The X Factor and the hilarious meeting with Lali Espósito

After that step, which “opened many doors for him,” he returned to Argentina to spend the holidays with his family, although with the conviction that sooner or later He would return to the European country that captivated him so much. So it was.

Nacho Nacif sang opposite Lali Espósito on Factor X in Spain.Nacho Nacif sang opposite Lali Espósito on Factor X in Spain.

“My friends from Operación Triunfo told me that there were castings and that they were calling them for Factor X,” shares Nacif about how he found out about the auditions he signed up for despite his skepticism.

After sending the material, production informed him that they wanted to see it in person. In the middle of the audition they asked him if he knew any songs about Lali, which caught his attention. “When they asked me that, I thought: ‘That’s it, she’s one of the jurors,’” he slips.

At that moment, Nacho remembered some lines of the song I am from flying, collaboration that Lali made with the band Dvicio.

After that performance, she won a ticket to the live audition round in front of the jury that Lali is a member of along with Vanesa Martín, Abraham Mateo and Willy Bárcenas. In her presentation, Nacho sang his song Madrid.

After obtaining a unanimous ‘yes’ from the panel, Lali approached him to greet him affectionately and, in a compatriot way, he shared a mate.

Nacho Nacif shared a mate with Lali Espósito on Factor X Spain.Nacho Nacif shared a mate with Lali Espósito on Factor X Spain.

“With a hand on my heart It is the best mate I have ever tried in my life.. “I didn’t expect that moment,” he praises Lali, whom he captivated with his performance.

Regarding his feelings when being face to face with Lali, he describes: “It made me feel very comfortable. She is someone I used to see since I was a kid and she made me feel like a peer.. I liked that”.

Once off camera, Lali expressed to Nacho her happiness at knowing that she would be part of the reality: “She came to hug me and told me that she was very happy that I was there and I just told her: ‘How crazy to meet you!’”

“With everything that is happening, I already feel like a winner because the doors are opening for me. I have fun singing, and being able to show what I do, which is my music. My focus is not on winning the contest. “I want this to be a window for me and my art”he concluded.


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