“Those who lurk too close…”, Omar Sy evokes the attempts at seduction of which he is the object

He is one of the French’s favorite actors. Revealed thanks to the comic duo that he formed with Fred TestotOmar Sy literally exploded with the film Untouchables by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, in 2011. A real tidal wave with the public since this comedy totaled nearly 20 million admissions, in France alone.

With this film, the native of Trappes became a star, winning the César for best actor the following year.. Since his coronation, the actor has continued his career, both in France and in the United States, navigating between mainstream projects (the wise Jurrasic Worldseries Lupine on Netflix…) and auteur cinema (from Michel Gondry, Anne Fontaine, Mathieu Vadepied…).

Unmissable in 2024

In 2024, Omar Sy is essential. While it will be in a few days one of the members of the jury of the Cannes festival under the presidency of director Greta Gerwig, the actor received honors from his hometown, Trappes, where a cinema in his name was named.

On several fronts, the actor also released a book, Come on, let’s talk (Albin Michel editions), co-written with journalist Elsa Vigoureuxsenior reporter at New Obs.

Omar Sy: “I know I am coveted”

In this work, which took three years of work, the artist talks about his life, his family, his profession. But also on women. Married to Hélène with whom he had five children, Omar Sy admits that he often gets hit on : “In this profession, it’s done quickly too. The ones that lurk too close never really excite me.”

Despite multiple attempts at seduction, the actor remains faithful whatever happens to his wife : “I know I’m coveted. (…) There’s a knock on my door in a bathrobe, and I refuse. Because I know it’s a trap, I know what it’s worth, I know the price of the meal, I’ve seen it done. I think I know all the scenarios, I’ve seen it all.” Omar Sy, an actor full of principles.

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