“But you shouldn’t have experienced that”, the moving confidences on the ordeals endured by Juliette Binoche

Since the shattering revelations of Judith Godrèche and his memorable speech at the last César ceremony, speech is freed. Actresses, just like actors, no longer intend to remain silent. Revealing abuse, intimidation and aggression has become a duty. This Sunday, April 28, the revelations of Juliette Binoche in Release made a big noise. The actress looked back in particular on her first years of career and her experience with the filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, with whom she had shot the film I salute you marie, released in 1985.

At the time of filming, the young woman was barely out of adolescence since she is only twenty years old. Despite her young age, she remembers the special requests from the director of Contempt: “I’m coming, Jean-Luc gives me the instructions. Undressing, walking around a table naked reading a poem while combing my hair while he films.”

Victim of touching at the age of seven

Shocking statements to which the actress returned this Tuesday, April 30, on the set of the show Click. Very moved, Juliette Binoche confessed that this request was not unique : “Almost all castings, there was not always but often this request, so I didn’t take it personally.”

Faced with Mouloud Achour, the ex-partner of Benoît Magimel also revealed having been victim of touching from a schoolmaster when she was only seven years old.

Juliette Binoche : “Christophe Honoré told me something simple”

Fortunately, Juliette Binoche’s speech was heard from several personalities from the world of cinemaas she points out: “Especially from male directors and Claire Denis. (…) Christophe Honoré told me something simple but which really did me good. He told me : ‘But you shouldn’t have gone through that’ “.

An observation shared by Mouloud Achour who said: “But that’s what we all think!” ». Change is underway in the French cinema world. Finally.

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