Venice Film Festival 2024: the jury will be chaired by a legendary French actress

The Cannes Film Festival has not yet started and some eyes are already turned towards the Venice Film Festival, which will be held from August 28 to September 7, 2024. Although it will be held in several months, the next edition of the Venice Film Festival is being revealed little by little.

Although the list of films that will be presented there is not yet known, the president of the jury responsible for awarding the Golden Lion has, however, been revealed. Good news, it is a woman, French, actress and who displays one of the most impressive filmographies in the world.

Isabelle Huppert: “A long and wonderful history links me to the Venice Film Festival”

It is obviously Isabelle Huppert. The one who was recently one of the rare French women invited to the prestigious Met Gala in the company of Aya Nakamura and Léna Mahfouf reacted with enthusiasm to this news. Quoted by the Mostra press release, Michael Haneke’s muse declared : “A long and wonderful history links me to the Venice Film Festival, to become a privileged spectator is an honor.”

As a reminder, the French actress won two prizes for female interpretation on the Lido. First in 1988 for A women’s affair then in 1995 for Ceremony. Two major films in his filmography, both signed by Claude Chabrol. In 2005, Lolita Chammah’s mother returned to the Venice Film Festival to receive a lifetime achievement award.

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A logical choice to chair the Venice Film Festival

Alberto Barbera, artistic director of the event, explained the choice of Isabelle Huppert as president of the jury : “Her great willingness to constantly put herself back into play, a sign of her extraordinary intelligence, as well as her ability to consider cinema beyond geographical and mental boundaries, make her an ideal jury president”.

Who will win the 2024 Golden Lion and succeed to the impressive Poor Creatures of the Greek Yórgos Lánthimos ? Answer September 7!

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