We no longer present Roger Hanin. For decades, he led the investigation in the series “Navarro”. However, very discreet about his private life, he distils information drop by drop. Certainly, his marriage to Danièle Mitterrand’s older sister is making headlines. However, when he died in 2002, the actor was heartbroken. Fortunately, Cupid will put Agnès in his way.

Roger Hanin, like you’ve never read him

Agnès Berdugo cannot forget this recital organized at the Sofitel hotel in Quiberon. When she meets Roger Hanin’s gaze, she has the clear impression that he is the man of her life. Instead of letting him make the first move, she writes him a fiery missive and has him deliver red roses.

From then on, a beautiful love story begins between Roger Hanin and the musician. Travels, lively discussions, the actor feels more fulfilled than ever. With his beautiful smile, he brushes aside criticism and rumors. Cherry on the cake, during all social mealshe appears on the arms of his sweetheart.

Alas, illness will unfortunately spoil this romance. The aftereffects a stroke and a heavy fall force Roger Hanin to stay locked up at home. Despite the breakup, he continues to check on Agnès. Since she knows it by heart, she has an intuition that never leaves her. “He was worried about my future” The actor’s only objective? There “happy outside of him » before flying off to paradise!

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Two months before the death of Roger Hanin, Agnès remarried. Nevertheless, deep in her soul, she remembers every detail of itette “telepathic relationship”. Even though they no longer saw each other, he never stoppedguide to happiness“.

Even today, the ins and outs of this “ formidable and unique magnetic field“, she can’t explain it. Moved, she specifies that Roger Hanin had this ability to give happiness from a bed of suffering until his last breath. » And it’s not his friends in the profession who will be able to say the opposite!

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