We no longer present Claire Chazal. For several decades, she was the conductor from the TF1 television news. Therefore, viewers salute the professionalism of the PPDA colleague. After her forced departure, she settled down on France Télévisions. It’s obvious, she who always dreamed of presenting a cultural program now has free reign! Alas, an incident will call everything into question.

Claire Chazal, freewheeling!

Following rumors about a potential position as Minister of Culture, Claire Chazal gives her version. Firstly, she clarifies to anyone who will listen that she feels “ready to go (she’s so passionate about it). » Despite the odds “difficulties” encountered by this position and its lack ” of political sensethis dream does not leave her.

Unable to do without cameras, Claire Chazal takes to the sets. After “Quelle époque”, she accepted the invitation from “Children of TV”. However, she did not plan that a sequence puts her in difficultyto the point of having to justify oneself.

We discover an anonymous woman there who boasts…of having issued a heavy fine to the former star journalist of TF1. And contrary to what you might think, this is not a small sanction. Furthermore, Claire Chazal not only took a forbidden direction, but also parked in a space reserved for the police. Enough to panic the authorities!

First of all, Claire Chazal points out that her car has been sleeping in the garage for some time now. In fact, having lost all her points, she no longer has a driving license ». As a result, she organizes herself with the means at hand. “For six months, I have been walking a lot, I take the bus with my little Navigo pass“.

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Instead of apologizing for having exceeded the limits, Claire Chazal prefers to emphasize the constraints of driving in the capital. “ Sometimes in Paris, we get a little exasperated, so we transgress a little… »

Far from making it an illness or an obsession, Claire Chazal shows her admirers another side of her personality. Let her be reassured, his support committee still loves him just as much!

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