Members of the Hells Angels.

The five chapters of the Hells Angels in Quebec would like to demonstrate that they are not in decline after being mishandled in Quebec by the Blood Family Mafia, led by Dave “Pic” Turmel.

Photo: The U.S. Press / Darryl Dyck

Since the debacle suffered at the hands of Dave “Pic” Turmel and the Blood Family Mafia in Quebec, the five chapters of the Hells Angels (HA) in Quebec have reportedly spent the last few weeks strengthening themselves with the aim of making a show of force during their “First Run” (first outing) planned in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, in Estrie, according to our police sources.

Adding support clubs, recruiting supporters and promotions granted to aspiring members, the Hells Angels across the province have reportedly spent the last few weeks rewarding those who remained loyal to them, at a time when criminal bikers were crossing one of their worst periods since their establishment in Quebec.

The date of May 3 would therefore have been circled for a long time within the Hells Angels. There ” First Run » of the criminal biker organization is still the subject of police surveillance and very significant media coverage. This is therefore an opportunity to send the desired message – that they are not in disarray – to the population and to other criminal groups in the province.

Given the expected rain, this annual event, obligatory for all members in good standing in Quebec, could even be postponed until the next day. Criminal bikers would thus avoid having to arrive in vehicles rather than motorbikes, where the jackets are proudly displayed.

This year, the police expect to see Jean-Philippe Célestin, Gregory Woolley’s former right-hand man before his assassination, who has joined the ranks of the Marauders club, affiliated with the Montreal chapter, as an official member. The street gang leader, considered one of the most influential on the streets of the metropolis, is only the second black man to join the Hells Angels in 30 years.

Jean-Philippe Célestin wearing a Marauders jacket with the inscription “Montreal”.

Jean-Philippe Célestin joined the Marauders club, affiliated with the Montreal Hells Angels chapter.

Photo: Photo provided to Radio-United States

In exchange for the protection of the Hells Angels thanks to his official status as a supporter, Célestin allegedly ceded lucrative drug sales territories to criminal bikers. It must be said that, since the shooting of Gregory Woolley, the life of Jean-Philippe Célestin would be threatened by rival gang leaders, after the murder of his younger brother, who would now see him as a nuisance to their ambitions to climb the ranks within Montreal’s organized crime.

Recovering lost ground at the hands of independents

Beyond the support clubs, our police sources also tell us that the Hells Angels recruited several people with a heavy history of violence to form teams of “representatives” in order to tour independent dealers who defied the authority of criminal motorcyclists by stopping paying fees and buying supplies from them.

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The visit of these groups of representativesnicknamed baseball teams by the police, explains why the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region has been the scene of an outbreak of violence and arrests for a little over a week.

All Boivin leaves a room at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

All Boivin turned against the Hells Angels after a conflict that broke out with his former ally, member in good standing Bernard Plourde, who controlled the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Photo: Radio-United States

As proof, several individuals arrested by the police since April 17 resided outside the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region. These would be suspects who are not members of supporter clubs, but rather individuals who have had long-standing relationships with the Hells Angels.

An example cited by our police sources is the arrest of Andrew William Bangs in Jonquière, a week ago. Bangs, known to normally operate in Gatineau on behalf of the Hells Angels, was accused along with two accomplices of weapons possession after their car was searched by police.

The Hells Angels would have given themselves the objective of regaining the ground lost for a year and a half on a drug sales territory which has always belonged to Bernard Plourde, a member in good standing of the Trois-Rivières chapter.

The sworn enemy of criminal bikers in Saguenay is Plourde’s former henchman, All Boivin. The 34-year-old man, who is now the subject of a $100,000 reward offer for his arrest by the police, has developed the same ambitions as Dave Turmel in Quebec: to become independent and take the Hells Angels out of the region.

The police have tangible evidence that Boivin always gives remote instructions to his close guard to respond to the Hells Angels in his region.

In addition to Saguenay, the police believe that the Hells Angels will also attempt to regain by force lost ground in their territories acquired for drug trafficking in the Capitale-Nationale region, in the East of Quebec and the North Shore.

The return of the Blood Family Mafia?

According to our information, the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels has not finished with the Blood Family Mafia.

Despite the major strike carried out as part of the Sûreté du Québec’s Operation Scandaleux, everything suggests that the Blood Family Mafia has resumed its recruitment efforts, even if its leader Dave “Pic” Turmel, on the run in Europe, is more discreet than ever.

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