“It’s stressful, but…” Pierre Arditi’s wife frightened by their health nightmare

2023 ended badly for Pierre Arditi. Delighted to share the stage with Muriel Robin, fans do not miss a beat of the performance of “Rabbit”. Unfortunately, a few minutes after the start of Samuel Benchetrit’s play, the actor seems disoriented. Worried, his partner quickly understands that something is wrong. Very quickly, she signaled to the managementinterrupt the show. She is far from suspecting that the worst is yet to come.

The double punishment of Pierre Arditi

At first, viewers think it’s a joke. Knowing the teasing nature of Pierre Arditi towards his colleagues, they wisely await his return. When the lights of the Edward VII theater come on, Tension escalates. To reach the height of horror, they are invited to leave the room.

In the press, Pierre Arditi will agree to recount this terrible experience in detail. In several decades of career, this is the first time this has happened to him. In “Sept à Huit”, he makes a chilling revelation. “In an instant, a fraction of a second, I felt like I was losing my footing. The text, but everything, life too. I simply switched off”

We understood, the curtain fell in time because a second later, it collapses in the arms of Muriel Robin In a stateunconscious “, the firefighters quickly took over. Once at the hospital, the experts’ findings are clear.

In the press, Pierre Arditi brushes aside stroke rumors. It is vagal discomfort, quite strong. » On the other hand, in order to avoid a catastrophe and more serious things“, the actor does ” a series of scanners and MRI

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A week later, Pierre Arditi insisted to his loved ones. He wants to get back on stage at all costs. Unfortunately, it is clear that with hindsight, he knows that it was too early. Side effects give him a hard time. “ Momentary loss of memory. I tell myself that I can’t play, I don’t know anything anymore.”

And now ?

Eight months later, his wife is smiling. First, she specifies to the readers of “Télé Star” that“he’s doing much better”. Now a little more serene, she salutes her man’s latest performance. “ He has just finished several reading performances of different texts on stage. Readings that he truly embodies (since he) is all the characters at once.

Certainly, part of her is a little afraid for her darling Pierre Arditi. “ It’s stressful, but the theater is his life”. More than ever, the actor is aware that he must rest and take it easy. “He realized that at 80 years old, we can’t continue working like we did at 50. » Rest assured, his support committee will always be there!

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