“Don’t break them…” Christophe Licata, freewheeling, tackles Caroline Margeridon on Instagram

It’s obvious, this thirteenth season of “Dancing with the Stars” is legendary. Indeed, from the first episode, our colleagues from the newspaper “Le Parisien” reveal a controversy. Opposing comedian Inès Reg and singer Natasha St-Pier, this conflict will literally shake the progress of Camille Combal’s show. Furthermore, despite the end of the adventure, there were other twists and turns this week.

Who will have the last word ?

After Natasha St-Pier’s victory, fans of both candidates continue to rage on social networks. From Monday, Cyril Hanouna announces the arrival of the winner on the set of “TPMP”. For her part, Christophe Licata’s partner decides to go to “Quotidien”.

The viewers’ observation is clear. Despite attempts at reconciliation from production, they remain stuck to their position. As for this cut during editingit does not calm the spirits at all.

Asked to explain on this subject, the second-hand dealer of “Concluded Deal” Caroline Margeridon gives her version of the facts. After Nico Capone’s semi-victory, she has one goal, to console and give a hug and tell Christophe Licata Well done, you danced really well! ».

Right at that moment, she confirms that “he there was a clash (as well as) a cut”. On the airwaves of Europe 1, the owner of a stand at the Biron market details the aggressive comments made by Inès Reg against her. Not only does she block his access to Christophe Licata, but in addition, she would have ” said ‘Get out of here or get out of here.”

It front of chilling revelations from Caroline Margeridon, the dancer Christophe Licata will react. In one story, he addresses his rival directly. First she needs to stop him to break ” the head. Then his detractors must never again “ talk about (him) without knowing.” We understood it, This story is far from over!

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