During the last edition of the Star Academy, she was a crowd favorite. At only 19 years oldLénie left her mark with her talent and good humor.

Eliminated in the quarter-finals after more than two months of adventure, the youngest of the season nevertheless managed to get her ticket for the big tour of the star Academy, which is currently passing through the greatest zeniths of France and Belgium. The opportunity to share the stage with several of her comrades from the show with whom she remained very close.

A tour that has many surprises in store

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The touring exercise can sometimes be complicated. Recently, Candice had a big scare when she thought she was losing her camera, forcing her to not be able to publish one of her famous vlogs. As for Lénie, she surprised her fans due to her absence during the concert given in Montpellier, this Saturday April 27.

An absence which raises questions and which made his many admirers fear the worst, convinced that she had felt unwell.

A rumor quickly denied by his sidekick Axel Marbeuf, who spoke on X (formerly Twitter): “She didn’t feel unwell like you said!” It was for other reasons that she couldn’t go on stage even though she would have loved to sing tonight. She’ll come back soon, I promise.”

Lénie: “I just wanted to reassure you”

The next day, Sunday April 28, Lénie published a video on Instagram, in order to reassure his fans : ” Everything is fine. Unfortunately, I was not able to go on stage yesterday simply for safety reasons, in terms of my health.”

Recovered, the young singer ensures that she will now be able to move forward : “I will finally be able to take on the show and give you all the energy I have. I just wanted to reassure you. (…) And no, I didn’t feel unwell, everything is fine, I send you big kisses! ». More fear than harm therefore.

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