We no longer present Laurent Ruquier. On stage, on the airwaves or on television, he has a series of projects. Indeed, for several decades, with his columnists or his guests, the presenter of “We are not lying” entertained the French. It’s obvious, he particularly likes this famous Saturday evening slot. This is why, after passing the torch to Léa Salamé and a test on “BFMTV”, he contacted his accomplice Thierry Ardisson. Alas, nothing is going to go as planned!

This collaboration turns sour

Laurent Ruquier has never hidden having exchanged with Thierry Ardisson. Indeed, the two men have a lot in common, particularly on how to manage interviews. This is why, at the end of 2022, the darling of Hugos Manos contacted the man in black to offer to co-produce “ Yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Alas, the adventure will be cut short. In addition, the audiences are unable to convince France Télévisions. Worse, the program director urgently summons Laurent Ruquier and him asks to review your copy.

For his part, Thierry Ardisson gives his point of view on this media tsunami. “ It didn’t work because Laurent Ruquier wasn’t not in the show at all » Instead of defending his associate, he does not mince his words. More than a lack of motivation, Audrey Crespo Mara’s darling evokes a possible ” overwork“.

Laurent Ruquier hits back

In a few days, Laurent Ruquier will put on his investigator’s costume. With Inès Reg, Chantal Ladesou and Kev Adams, they will try to unravel the mysteries from the sixth season of “Mask Singer”. The icing on the cake is that he will host a show with those eliminated to show us behind the scenes.

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Finally, when our colleagues mention Thierry Ardisson, Laurent Ruquier brushes the subject aside. On the other hand, just like his dear and tender in this extract from “TPMP”, emphasizes that “ really definitely over between them“. Not having supported the reflections “grotesques” of his colleague, he specifies that the latter not only gave him put “ a stab in the back but “begged to take it as co-producer ».

To conclude, he makes a vitrol portrait of Thierry Ardisson. “ It’s not not someone reliable. When he was at Bolloré, he spoke ill of France Télévisions, and now that he is at France Télévisions, he speaks ill of Bolloré. » For the moment, the person concerned has not yet reacted. Continued in the next episode….

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