Laurent Ruquier on bad terms with Joyce Jonathan?  He finally explains himself

We no longer present Laurent Ruquier. Presenter, comedian, but also scout and producer of young talent, he has more than one trick up his sleeve. For several years, he hosts “Les Grosses Têtes”. In fact, when he is not teasing the old ones, he is recruiting new members. From then on, listeners do not miss a bit of this legendary show. Today, Hugo Manos’ darling returns to Joyce Jonathan’s journey. Where did she go?

Laurent Ruquier, freewheeling!

A year after the pandemic, Joyce Jonathan agrees to sit in the chair of “Les Grosses Têtes”. Also, a few months later, she reveals behind the scenes of its integration to our friend Jordan de Luxe. Contrary to what one might believe, everything was done in a manner “fairly spontaneous”. Like Paul El Kharrat, Franck Ferrand, Sébastien Thoen, Laurent Baffie, François Berléand and Valérie Mairesse, she now has her place.

Besides, Joyce Jonathan cannot forget Laurent Ruquier’s proposal. “I had just released my album Little pretty things (…) I made little puns with the columnists (…)”

At the end of the recording, the star presenter takes her aside to congratulate her on the quality of her interventions. Deeply touched, the singer grabbed the pole and confided to Laurent Ruquier that she would love to be part of it. »

The rest, we know it! Not only does she participate regularly, but we also discover another side of her personality. Unfortunately, for several months, she is missing subscribers! Is this a sign of a behind-the-scenes argument? Because yes, as we tell you in this article, Laurent Ruquier is not kind to his collaborators!

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Thanks to a listener, Laurent Ruquier will get the last word on this story. “Currently, Joyce Jonathan is filming a Chinese showwhere she sang The Champs-Élysées and where she made a very good score » Everything is explained !

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