A aberrant crime was registered in the Merlo matchwhere a retiree was tied, gagged and murdered inside his home, from which they took money that he had recently received from his retirement, as well as a television and audio equipment.

The aberrant episode happened on Thursday at 1200 Lourdes Street, in the town of Parque San Martín. The victim’s son showed up there, and was surprised to find the gate leading to the street open, as well as the front door to the house unlocked.

Upon entering, he found his father, identified as Miguel Ángel Tavaselli, 75 years old, lying face down on the ground and motionlesswith his hands tied with a belt, his mouth covered by a scarf and obvious signs of physical violence.

Faced with this devastating panorama, he decided to call 911 and when he checked the house with the personnel of the Merlo Patrol Command, he noticed that the electronic devices and the money that his father had collected that same day were missing.

Later, the Scientific Police verified that Tavaselli’s face was bloody as a result of having received cutting wounds and which also presented blows consistent with a blunt object to the face.

Prosecutor Matías Rapazzo, from the Functional Instruction Unit No. 7 of Morón where the case initially classified as “homicide in the occasion of robbery” fell, ordered an autopsy to be carried out, while trying to determine the identity of the murderer.

“We are distressed. We can’t believe what they did to him. He could barely walk, he moved around leaning on his bicycle, always greeting everyone,” lamented a neighbor of the victim in television statements.


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