The very high cost of consortium expenses has added more uncertainty to the complaints and budgets of those who must pay them (and many of those whose income is not enough to do so), increasing late payments.

Homeowners have no real representation in the face of the hefty monthly payments and increases made to building managers/doormen. These increases include the very favorable, arbitrary and unconsulted joint agreements with a powerful union of the richest in the country: extra payments of all kinds including mandatory “courses”, Manager’s Day and the most absurd abusive and arbitrary charge imposed for “retirement”. of waste” from each department and another for “classification and transfer” (something that most do not do and throw all the garbage together in the same bags in common containers on the street).

It would be good if someone cared about the millions of people who do have to pay taxes, rent, services and expenses monthly and are not lucky enough to live for free without even paying for transportation to go to work.

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires should take action on the matter and help the suffering neighbors in the face of a serious problem that the Argentine middle class suffers mostly, since this work and its benefits practically do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Marcelo M. Mansilla Vidal [email protected]


I hope that organizations that defend and promote Human Rights condemn these miserable managers of poverty, who enrich themselves at the expense of the poorest. Poverty, lack of work, inflation and corruption are not Social Justice.

Mercedes Moreno Klappenbach [email protected]

“To govern is to populate”

“To govern is to populate” (Juan B. Alberdi). Wise phrase from the father of our liberal Constitution of 1853. But how are we going to populate our immense country when almost all of its population is concentrated in a kind of “Quasi Republic of Buenos Aires” with its back to our extensive and wonderful birthplace. And achieve such a premise without trains or planes that reach locations far from our deep Interior with very low demographics. How will we rescue the connectivity that our railway and airline lines must provide, and whose possible abandonment of non-tourist routes will directly punish that Alberdian phrase by abandoning towns in a potentially rich Interior but with deficiencies in its much-needed mobility. We have already seen the number of ghost towns, the result of the abandonment of many railway lines.

The structural reforms that the majority voted for with enthusiasm and faith in December should serve to clear the chaff from the wheat… but not to burn the harvest, let’s be prudent in this regard. The dogmatic must be overcome by pragmatism and common sense, and thus in the future we will reward the wisdom of our leaders with the title of statesman.

Peter Sylvester [email protected]

“Accelerate Justice…”

Some events in recent days indicate that the time has come for Justice to act quickly. The success of 134 uploaded by Patricia Bullrich has already garnered several tens of thousands of complaints of irregularities regarding subsidies for the poorest. The very positive thing is that these victims have lost their fear. The victims in La Rioja of the request for bribes by Judge Norma Abate de Mazzucchelli have also lost fear. In hours, a TN journalist obtained the necessary evidence to accuse the judge who has already resigned. As a cataract, this journalist was receiving several other complaints from victims, victims of this same criminal in the Judiciary. And the momentum will surely multiply throughout the country.

Another Breaking News:  “Ricard and cigarettes” Dave breaks the silence on the dangerous addictions of his friend Renaud

This spirit of the injured should be taken advantage of by the members of the entire country’s Justice system. Without wasting time, because they have already done “the plank” for many years.

Ricardo Olaviaga [email protected]

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