“We ask permission before coming to touch people”, Djebril (Star Academy) gives a huge rant

For several months, they have been living a waking dream. After their training at the legendary castle of Dammarie-les-Lysseveral candidates from the last season of the star Academy are currently touring the biggest zeniths of France and Belgium.

Among them, there is of course the winner Pierre Garnier but also other students who left their mark on this edition, like Candice and her now essential vlogs or Lénie, whose absence during the show in Montpellier raised many questions.

From anonymous to public figure

More discreet, Djebril is also there. Considered an outsider during the Star Academy, the young man nevertheless managed to make his way by staying more than two months in the adventure and ranking in the last six students of the season. Particularly appreciated, Lénie’s great accomplice published a video on his YouTube channelTuesday, May 7.

The opportunity for the young man, originally from the South of France, toe castigate the inappropriate behavior of certain fans on the tour : “As soon as we are an exposed person, people have this tendency to think that we are ultra accessible and that beyond that, they allow themselves to come and touch us, approach us without our consent.”

Djebril: “There is this thing of acquisition”

The vagaries of fame that you have to deal with although he concedes that it can be particularly annoying.

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“Whether you are an exposed person or not, you ask permission before coming to touch people. (…) There’s this thing of being acquired as if people, since they know you, allow themselves to do things that they shouldn’t do and that they wouldn’t do with a stranger.” thus underlined Djebril. The profession of an artist is not easy.

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