The match between Racing de Avellaneda and Racing de Chivilcoycorresponding to one of the semifinals of the Southern Conference of the Argentine Leaguewas suspended when just 4 minutes and 55 seconds of the first quarter had been played, with the score in favor of the local team 11 to 6 after breaking loose a pitched battle between the players and part of the public on the playing field and in the locker rooms.

The match had its first incident at 3 minutes and 42 seconds, when they were disqualified Emilio Stucky (Chivilcoy Racing) and Nicolas Remolina (Avellaneda Racing).

The conflict began when Remolina committed an unsportsmanlike foul on Stucky, who punched him in response. Both players, once the referee’s decision was made, retired to the locker room and the game continued.

While the game was being played on the field, In the locker room, the two players beat each other, creating fights and true chaos with many people entering the locker room.. Consequently, the referees decided to stop the game and subsequently, due to the lack of guarantees and total disorder, permanently suspend the match.

In Avellaneda, serious incidents were reported in the Argentine League match between Racing and Racing de Chivilcoy.In Avellaneda, serious incidents were reported in the Argentine League match between Racing and Racing de Chivilcoy.

The Chivilcoy Academy was second in the regular phase with a record of 23-9 and in the quarterfinals they defeated Pergamino Básquet by a resounding 3-0. Racing de Avellaneda, for its part, finished the season in sixth place with a balance of 17-15. In the Reclassification they eliminated Provincial de Rosario 2-0 and in the quarterfinals they beat Pico FC 3-1.

Those from Chivilcoy won both direct duels during the regular phase by a wide margin. The same trend ran in the first two points of the semifinals because those from Chivilcoy won both games and are one step away from the Conference Finals. However, everything was subject to what the Disciplinary Court of the Argentine League indicated by the organization in a statement issued minutes after the incidents.

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