Black M “totally lost” he confides in the “biggest ordeal” of his life

We no longer present Black M. With his lyrics, the rapper manages to titillate music lovers. This Sunday, he settles into the sofa of “Vivement Dimanche”. At her side, model and presenter Adriana Karembeu speaks tenderly about her role as a mother. Grabbing the pole, Black M will make sad confidences about one of his three children.

The double punishment of Black M

For Léa Djaja’s darling, children have the capacity to give “ an inexplicable force “. Moreover, more than ever, he specifies that there are no instructions for use. For his part, he admits to having “ learned by feeling “. Furthermore, when his younger son born early, at six months pregnant, the precious balance of his reconstituted tribe wavers. “ We pay attention to all the details “.

Since the emergency delivery, water has flowed under the bridges. “ Today he is doing very well. He is 12 years old and runs everywhere “. At the time, he saw it as “a big test“. However, he undergoes the double trauma. First of all, it’s complicated for a mother not to be able to carry her pregnancy to term. As for the dad, he must also channel his own anxieties.

Fortunately, his couple was able to face and ” overcome ” this together. And this was seen on the set of “Dancing with the Stars”. Indeed, during the ordeal of loved ones, his sweetheart agrees to dance with him. The icing on the cake is that his son comes to surprise him. This outpouring of tenderness will melt viewers!

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By his own admission, the “Dancing with the Stars” adventure looks like an obstacle course. Thanks to the choreographer Elsa Bois, he regains his confidence. She had patience and helped so much “. As for the judges, he emphasizes their severity while remaining smiling. Eliminated just before the semi-final, Black M knows he can rely on the unwavering support of his family and fans!

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