Julien Doré's complicity with his son melts his followers

We no longer present Julien Doré. Since his victory on the M6 ​​telehook show “La Nouvelle Star”, he has had many successes. Moreover, during the auditions for the show, he almost never sang in front of the jury. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of production, it manages to tickle the curiosity of viewers. Since then, nothing has stopped him. And it’s not the becoming a dad which will curb his ambitions!

Julien Doré, a dad like no other!

Exclusively for “ 50′ Inside“, Julien Doré announces that he has a son to his fans. As he takes stock of his short existence, he realizes that he was very lucky. ” I’m 40 years old, a life that changes (and) transforms. She makes me understand that from now on the young man that I was becomes (someone) who must also be in the transmission. Today I am responsible and happy to be. »

However, this modest nature refuses to show what her little prince looks like. Like some celebrities, he publishes photos from behind or in profile. And when he doesn’t have the material possibility of hiding his face, he uses filters or big funny emoji.

At the end of last year, Julien Doré deviated from the rule by posting a video where we hear his son. To the delight of followers, he asks her for a favorthat of “make a pestacle again”.

We understand that from spring 2025, Julien Doré will travel across France. From then on, this Sunday, May 5, he transformed the essay on Instagram. This time, the objective is to find « an idea for a petacle name

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Obviously, the little boy seems to have inherited his father’s overflowing imagination. “Le caca boudin”, “le Prout tour”, “le Cadouille prout”. More than ever, its community loves being a privileged witness to these magical moments. For our part, we don’t lose a bit of this unconditional love. Hope it lasts !

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