“Deplorable” Cristina Cordula lets loose on the Inès Reg / Natasha St-Pier conflict

We no longer present Cristina Cordula. Passionate about fashion, the former model dissects clothing and makeup with a magnifying glass. On television or in the videos on her Instagram account, she is always dressed to the nines. From then on, his participation in “Dancing with the Stars” greatly amused viewers. Alas, eliminated during the sixth episode, she will finally break the silence onbehind the scenes of this thirteenth season.

Cristina Cordula, freewheeling!

By accepting Léa Salamé’s invitation, Cristina Cordula knows that she must speak out about this conflict. Furthermore, once the controversy was revealed by our colleagues from Le Parisien, the tension escalated a notch on set, but also in rehearsals.

Therefore, upon mentioning the altercation, Cristina Cordula reacted vehemently.What I find deplorable, this is the scale provided by the press. » In his eyes, the subject of this argument was ” something of minimal and ridiculous. »

Moreover, for her part, she is full of praise about his feeling on the floor from TF1. Cristina Cordula emphasizes that all the ingredients were brought together to make the experience go smoothly. “ From the good atmosphere, from the love of professional dancers for their work, from the strength that everyone gives

By her own admission, Cristina Cordula prefers to play map of neutrality. She voluntarily puts herself outside (in order to (take) care of (one’s) happiness with this show“. Grabbing the pole, presenter Léa Salamé bounced back by asking her opinion on Natasha St-Pier’s victory.

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With a sparkling look in her eyes, Enzo’s mother declares that her sister “ made a lot of effort, she has a fiber. The public voted for her so she deserved to win. » For Cristina Cordula, it is time to close this chapter and remember only the best!

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