"Favorites elsewhere" Dave in love with a woman, and she's not a stranger

There is no need to introduce Dave. Indeed, his early admirers recognize his voice among a thousand. Behind the scenes, her lyricist and now husband Patrick Loiseau accompanies him every step of the way. Moreover, in 2022, a stroke forces the singer to rest. However, unable to do without contact with his fans, he will make a surprising revelation about his private life.

Dave, an eternal romantic?

Between Dave and Patrick Loiseau, it all starts with love at first sight from the singer. Indeed, at the beginning of the 70s, Patrick Loiseau was not really yet ready to commit to a man. And for good reason, he has not recovered from his breakup with the legendary actor Anthony Perkins.

For his part, Dave is at the height of his glory. Nevertheless, under the spell of Patrick Loiseau, he will compete in ingenuity to seduce this intriguing young man. The rest, we know it. For five decades, the magic has been happening.

Amused by the longevity of their relationship, against the advice of his man, Dave has just reveal a well-kept secret. Among these ” favorites elsewhere » authorized, there are some who have left their mark forever!

First, Dave tells behind the scenes of their tacit agreement. “ It’s quite funny because Patrick, when he is in love with someone, he makes drawings, so I know it right away. Me I mention his name all the time. » So, who is the mysterious young woman who managed to occupy the thoughts of the Dutch singer?

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“Video Gag”, “Hit Machine”, Olivia Adriaco illuminates the small skylight, and especially Dave’s eyes. And for good reason, he cannot forget their first meeting. It was “many years ago, to make a photo novel. But at the time, we were already living a beautiful love story each on our own.. So we left it there.”

For now, the person concerned has never wanted to comment on this episode. Light years away from wanting to return to the spotlight, she much prefers to devote herself to her new passion, gardening. For his part, Dave has just put the ring on Patrick Loiseau’s finger. Proof, if ever there was one, that these two love each other for the better and rarely for the worse!

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