“I got scammed” Christine Bravo angry and ruined!

We no longer present Christine Bravo. The culture and humor of the host and member of “Grosses Têtes” amuses the gallery. However, behind the scenes, she is in the middle of a waking nightmare. For the first time, she will agree to reveal the hell of its decor!

The double punishment of Christine Bravo

When Christine Bravo talks about her boat, she is “ moved to tears“. Indeed, when she acquired it in 2018, no one told her that there was holes in the hull. » So, she tells anyone who will listen that she was victim of a scam » !

Obviously, to get her boat back afloat, Christine Bravo doesn’t have much choice. She must empty all her accounts, including “ the life insurance (that she wanted) to leave to (her) children. After “nine months in the shipyard, there was very heavy transformation work. »

The height of horror, the construction site ends right at the time of Covid. ” Naildocked” and with a “ commercial activity in its infancy, the observation of Laurent Ruquier’s best friend is clear. “We had zero turnover, so we had zero help”

Except that recently, a glimmer of hope comes to light up Christine Bravo’s daily life. And for good reason, July 26, she rolls out the red carpet for a delegation of athletes for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. However, for curious fans, she would like to clarify that “ for security reasons, there will only be the captain and his sailor on board. »

Concerning the guests, Christine Bravo does not mince her words “I find it normal that there are limits. But 10 is too few, 25 seems more acceptable. I’m not going to have to choose among my children and my grandchildren? » We can’t wait to see the images!

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