“I would like to fuck with you”, Barbra Streisand confides in the very daring advances of a cinema legend

A true legend. On April 24, 2024, Barbra Streisand celebrated her 82nd birthday. But the real event took place a few days later, on May 2 more precisely, with the release of his long-awaited memoir.

My name is Barbra (Hugo Doc editions) is a veritable bible of more than a thousand pages in which the star reveals himself like never before. His life, his career, his loves, the director of Yentl decided to tell everything.

A busy love life

And especially on a sentimental level. The one who was married to actor Elliott Gould then who married the actor and director James Brolin for his second marriage, he had many partners.

From Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau to tennis player André Agassi, including actors Omar Sharif and Don Johnson as well as producer John Peters, Barbra Streisand has been the wife of many men. And it could also have been that of a true cinema legend who is none other than… Marlon Brando.

In a chapter of My name is Barbra titled At thirteen, I fell in love with Marlon Brando, the star looks back on his meeting with the interpreter of the legendary Don Corleone during a charity gala. During this evening, the latter does not remain insensitive to the charms of the young actress and even says to him: “When you have a back like that, you want to be kissed.”

A daring proposal

Some time later, the two stars meet again at a reception where all the who’s who of Hollywood are invited. However, during this evening, Marlon Brando will drag Barbra Streisand into a room to talk with her… for four hours!

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During their exchange, the actor will be very enterprising with the unforgettable interpreter of funny girl, slipping him: “I would like to fuck with you”. Not at all impressed, the actress will decline what she finds to be a “terrible proposal”, especially since the actor’s wife, Tarita, is then in the next room. Barbra Streisand, a woman who made men walk with the stick.

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