“It contributed to our perdition” Adriana Karembeu more cash than ever on her ex Aram Ohanian

We no longer present Adriana Karembeu. Ambassador of the Red Cross, co-host of programs on health, she multiplies the projects. However, behind her beautiful smile, she hides terrible secrets about her childhood, but also about her career. And for good reason, his love life is up and down. For the first time, she agrees to talk about the father of her little girl!

The double punishment of Adriana Karembeu

As far back as his memories go, Adriana Karembeu is unhappy. “ I was my father’s scapegoat, a kind of bag you hit when you’re in a bad mood or when you just want to gratuitously torture a human being. »

Her complicated relationship with her father had an impact on her self-confidence. In her book, she makes a chilling confession to her admirers. Victim of an attempted sexual assault by a director, she manages to escape at the last minute. “ He places his hand on his knee, then suddenly throws himself on me, kissing me violently. I feel his saliva on my face and my chest. »

As we write these lines, apart from a handful of relatives, Adriana Karembeu refuses to give the identity of this filmmaker. On the other hand, she will explain the causes of his second divorce. It all started so well with an Armenian businessman. What happened between little Nina’s parents? Where does the feeling of “perdition” come from?

Adriana Karembeu does not mince her words. »Covid has changed a lot of things in my relationship. My husband had a very bad experience because all our activity which revolved around tourism and catering stopped. »

For her part, Adriana Karembeu admits to have ” enjoyed not working“. And for good reason, unlike her ex, she savors every second in Nina’s company. Little by little, the gap widens, and the rest is history! Despite everything, for the little one’s balance, they remain on good terms.

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