“It’s a great honor,” Natasha St-Pier opens up about her new adventure after “Dancing with the Stars”

After more than two months of fierce competition, Natasha St-Pier won the thirteenth season of Dance with the stars, this Friday April 26, alongside his partner Anthony Colette. An adventure which was not easy for the singer, due to her resounding clash with Inès Reg. Originally, what was just an altercation that happened during rehearsals at the end of January 2024 took on Dantesque proportions, eclipsing the numerous choreographies and performances of the program.

The quarrel between the two women quickly split two groups, among the stars of the season and professional dancers. On the one hand, those who sided with Inès Reg. On the other, those who showed their support for Natasha St-Pier and Anthony Colette, like Caroline Margeridon.

A special attachment to Eurovision

Now that the adventure Dance with the stars is finished, Natasha St-Pier intends to move forward and carry out its various projects.

Also, the Canadian was chosen to fulfill a most important function: that of being the spokesperson for the French jury during the Eurovision 2024 competitionwhich will be held this Saturday, May 11 in Malmö, Sweden, as revealed by our colleagues from 20 Minutes.

Succeeding singer Anggun who held this position in 2023, Natasha St-Pier maintains a special link with the Eurovision contest. In 2001, she notably represented France during the show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thanks to its title, I only have my soul, the Canadian placed fourth in the competition and had truly made himself known to the French public who remained loyal to him thereafter.

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Natasha St-Pier: “I didn’t even hesitate”

Questioned by our colleagues from Parisian, the winner of the last edition of Dance with the stars expressed his excitement on the role she will play at Eurovision: “I will be on air in front of a photo of the Eiffel Tower and I will say how many points we have awarded. It’s a great honor, I didn’t even hesitate when France Télévisions offered it to me less than a month ago”. This is what we call a real return to basics.

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