Lolita Chammah, the daughter of Isabelle Huppert, traumatized by the death of her third baby

We present more Isabelle Huppert. Indeed, for fans of the seventh art, it is part of the sacred monster category. For several decades, she has played multiple roles. However, behind the scenes, his family is at the center of a tragedy. For the first time, her daughter Lolita Chammah breaks the silence on this thorny subject.

The double punishment of Isabelle Huppert

This month of November 2022, Isabelle Huppert cannot forget it. Indeed, delighted to be a grandmother, she rushes to the maternity ward to meet the little prince. Alas, nothing is going to go as planned.

Despite the doctors’ efforts, the baby died after twelve days. In shock, Lolita Chammah believes that his eldest Gabriel is his best support. At only ten years old, he shows astonishing maturity. Also, more than ever, she greets “his personality and what he is. »

Additionally, she points out that she’s trying to hold on because of him. When it comes to his parents, the opposite happens. Faced with this “ collective test ” such ” astonishing and difficult“, she sees and feels “ (his) father breaking and the strength of (his) mother (Isabelle Huppert) cracking“.

Between two sobs, Isabelle Huppert shows resilience. She consoles her daughter by telling her that she is convinced that a “ third child ” will come. Disappointed, feeling despite everything “ alone in the face of such » injustice, she emphasizes that “ losing a baby creates a wall between you and the world

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As to son-in-law by Isabelle Huppert, he don’t go through things the same way“. Step by step and together“, the couple is trying to rebuild themselves. For her part, with hindsight, she confides feeling a “ form of spirituality. For example, these “ things” that she “dreaded no longer frighten her. (She has) another relationship with nature and calm”.

On the set of “Càvous”, she notes “ what (made) him suffer the most was the silence of society. » With her words, Isabelle Huppert’s daughter tries to heal her soul’s ills. The objective of his work? That the bereaved of a child “ no longer remain silent (and have) the right to pain and time“.

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